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Could You Live In A Dome Space Available In 150 Design Combination?… The Future Created Simple


Dyester Corp and Domespaces by Barry Sendach just launched the MRD dome, available in over 150 colors and color combinations, made from Fiberglass to withstand high winds, including a security door and two double pane glass windows. The design looks like the mushroom from Mario Brothers and options include floor, insulation, electric, bathroom with fixtures and kitchen area and can be used as office space, remote sign up centers, school pods, temporary housing, housing for homeless, and for veterans.

Barry Sendach, CEO says, “Fiber glass is different from regular glass since it’s stronger and more durable, and if mounted correctly, these domes can withstand hurricane force winds. Panels are easily assembled, which makes this structure simple to transport and move for any event or situation.”

The structure sleeps up to 4 people and is perfect for on-the-go. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. Companies can set up remote or on-site offices here and are versatile.

Launching in 2017, Barry broke into the outdoor business with shipping container homes and alternative uses for the containers. He found a niche in products that complimented the container business, and thus the domes were born.


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Domes provide a reliable, safe weatherproof environment in any climate, resistant to high winds, rain, and snow, enclosing the largest volume of interior space with the least amount of surface area, saving on materials and cost. Since a dome is free-standing, air and energy circulate without obstruction, enabling natural heating and cooling. As America’s leading supplier of Geodesic Domes, Domespaces offer fully customizable dome options. From Camping Tent or Greenhouse to stunning corporate venues, clients range from individual buyers to multinational corporations and government agencies. Their purpose is to create living spaces that support a healthy planet, active communities, and a clean way of life in order to reduce footprint through creative production methods. They take impact on the environment seriously and from the Rocky Mountains to the first steps on Mars, domes are the structures of the future.









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