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Cosmic Intelligence Secrets By Yogi Shishirendu Kumar Jha

Cosmic Intelligence Secrets By Yogi Shishirendu Kumar Jha

Shishirendu Kumar Jha invites readers to a deep dive into the process of cultivating one’s inner intelligence to gain oneness with the cosmos. This is the titular “Cosmic Intelligence” that transcends the body and mind, as well as mundane affairs, allowing individuals to tap into higher levels of awareness.

Cosmic Intelligence Secrets By Yogi Shishirendu Kumar Jha

“Most of us live our lives on autopilot without ever noticing the lack of conscious thoughts and actions. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. This active and conscious side of us doesn’t go anywhere; it still resides there somewhere, silently watching all our actions. Here, in this book, we not only venture through the physical and emotional but dive even deeper inside life to decipher the most minuscule of predicaments an individual faces.

It’s only a matter of activating this side of us that is aware, conscious, and intelligent; which leads us to the basis of this book; ‘Cosmic Intelligence.'” says the author.

This “Cosmic Intelligence” is the ability to mass synchronize and orchestrate every living cell in one’s body to bring order to one’s self in the midst of the hustle and bustle of ordinary life. Through this, one can find tranquility and harmony, calmness amidst the fast pace of modern existence. According to the author, attaining this level of awareness will enable one to gain a panacea for life’s problems, from relationships to finance, health and many more matters.


Yogi Shishirendu Kumar Jh

Shishirendu Kumar Jha is a yogi and a healer who has worked in the field of AI. From Artificial Intelligence to Cosmic Intelligence, his path in life has transformed. Now he is on a mission to heal physical and mental suffering with an array of traditional, spiritual and occult knowledge, techniques and scientific approach to addressing human suffering.

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