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Blur Dating App is a new way to meet like-minded people nearby

Blur dating app

Move over superficial dating, there’s a new digital cupid that’s hitting the heart-mark with personality! Blur is a new way to meet like-minded people nearby, especially if you’re tired of the shallow downsides to other apps like Bumble and Tinder. Also, if you’re exploring a new place this summer Blur can help you find people that are not only nearby, but interested in the same activities and hobbies as you. Whether you’re looking for a summer love, or a vacation buddy, Blur is the perfect way to help you meet new people.

Similar apps rely solely on looks, and usually encourage shallow conversation. Blur redefines how to find, chat, meet (and possibly date), by showcasing personalities and interests before pictures are revealed right off the bat! Blur helps people get to know each other more, helping your conversation kick off with interests you have in common with one another.

Download the free app and answer BuzzFeed-like questions to de-blur your match’s photo. Each time you give an answer, whoever shares the same opinion, their picture becomes a bit clearer. Some questions later, if you’ve made the right match, the picture will fully de-blur. Once potential matches are revealed, you can join a private chat room where you two can break the ice.

Here’s what makes Blur really different and the must-have dating app today:

It’s personality first — By answering simple & fun questions, you’ll meet interesting people and not make snap judgements based on a single profile photo.
Privacy is vital — Profile photos are blurred and only revealed to people that share the same value and interests.

Make better matches — Backed by advanced machine learning algorithms, Blur builds a comprehensive profile that makes better recommendations that fit you.

Blur redefines how you find, chat, meet and date by showcasing your personality, interests and lifestyle before anything else.

Blur was born in San Francisco after a 48-hour hackathon where Justin Jia and his team designed and built the first app from scratch. Jia continued to tweak and enhance the service and today Blur is used to find the perfect match. To this day, Blur has won multiple startup contests, as it begins it’s takeover of the virtual dating world.


Blur dating app

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