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Bella Vita’s Chill It Bags, Keep it Cool this Summer with

If you’re looking for the right gear to enjoy your beverages outdoors this summer, Bella Vita’s Chill it Bags will have you raising your glass to perfection! Bella Vita offers the best in luxury and gourmet wine gifting, and now with their Chill It Bags you can take chilled beverages anywhere!
These versatile and convenient bags allow you to beat the heat and keep your favorite spirits at a steady temperature for your next outing. Each bag is sized to accommodate your standard wine and spirits, with dimensions of 4″ x 12” inches.

Keep these bags in the freezer and they become instant coolers for your wines, champagne, spirits, sodas, or whatever other beverages you want to keep chilled. Say goodbye to ice that melts or bulky, toxic, ice packs. Designed with a safe freezing agent, Chill it Bags are safe for all applications.
Bella Vita’s Chill it Bags are designed to keep your drinks cooled for any occasion, and in the process, make your life just a little easier. Whether you have wine on the mind or are looking for the perfect gift for a friend, these bags are sure to be a hit! These freezable gift bags are available in six bold, eye-catching colors and three different designs – square, cylinders, and cooler totes. Made from durable materials, this bag can be reused again and again, and cleans like a breeze!
Bella Vita is a Phoenix, AZ based company that specializes in providing unique gift packaging and products for the wine and gourmet food industry. Packaging includes wine gift bags and boxes made of handmade paper, printed papers, jute, wood, leather and more. Their gourmet gift bags are alternatives to the traditional gift basket. These two and three bottle bags accommodate olive oils, vinegars, sauces, salsas, jams, coffees and a multitude of other gourmet foods.


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