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Azul Restaurant Mexico Cities Hot Spot Fab Food Experience

Azul Entree mexico city

When one thinks of Mexico City, what are your favorite hot spots in this vast land of history?

The historical fact of Mexico City is rich in culture, art, politics, style, music and food. One of my new favorite restaurants is Azul. Dining at Azul is an amazing lifestyle experience for family and friends who desire an elegant, intimate relaxing evening. What’s great is the atmosphere and the array of entrees created and prepared with herbs, spices and a dash of freshness you will taste in every bite you eat.

Azul Condesa offers a seasonal menu, ensuring fresh ingredients for their heavenly traditional dishes from the various regions of Mexico. Listed below are several dishes you will surely adore when you visit Azul – link into their rich world of good food here at



Azul Mexican cuisine

Mexico City. 300g Mix of organic lettuce, arugula, Indian walnut and balsamic dressing with sliced pears and pieces of Roquefort cheese.


Azul Entree mexico city

Michoacán Corn tortillas stuffed with stewed jamaica, bathed in chipotle red chile sauce, lightly picositas, topped with cream purple cabbage and cheese. This dish was invented to help the farmers of Michoacán. It is a vegetarian dish, without cream and cheese, vegan. Order of 3 pieces.


Yucatan 180g. Prepared with achiote, accompanied with plantain, avocado, tortilla strips and X-ni-pek sauce. A classic on the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Seasonal fish


soup Azul

Mexico City. 240ml 18 flowers are needed to make a bowl of this cream, I call this the “great Mexican luxury”. Only in the center of the country can you make a soup like this.


Food Tamale Azul

Tabasco Of corn dough mixed with black beans and chicharrón seats bathed in red tomato sauce and sprinkled with Tabasco double cream cheese. 1 piece.


165 grs. Succulent pieces of baked apple. Hot dessert served with vanilla ice cream.





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