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Announcing the 2013 Power Players in the Cloud

AlwaysOn is proud to announce the second annual Power Players in the Cloud list, honoring the champions of entrepreneurship who are helping the Global Silicon Valley dominate today’s on-demand technology marketplace.

The AlwaysOn Power Players in the Cloud list honors the most influential people in the banking, venture capital, legal, academic, government, and accounting world who support the on-demand startup entrepreneurs who are bringing massive technology breakthroughs to the world of cloud infrastructure, SaaS, and on-demand software. These individuals and their firms are the infrastructure workhorses behind the ideas that make the Global Silicon Valley an incubator for success, creating strong on-demand companies that are building forward-thinking, indispensable products and services.



The Power Players in the Cloud honorees span a wide range of talents, from seed investors to accountants to hardware boffins to corporate executives to venture capitalists to research academics to adverstigins and marketing specialists to legal counsel. This year’s Power Players in the Cloud list tops more than 220 players in eight categories and highlights a impressive range of talents available for startup entrepreneurs with the right ideas and mindsets to break away from the pack.


Pioneering the New Digital Age
Incredibly intelligent entrepreneurs are turning the concept of on-demand software and cloud-infrastructure into a reality that will carry us to the computing future. These visionaries in the entrepreneurial community are constantly enhancing cloud tools, platforms, security, data storage, management, and delivery. Their dedication and innovation has ensured that cloud infrastructure companies are becoming the go-to resource for the developers deploying today’s critical business and consumer applications. The Power Players in the Cloud list represents a wide range of talents, who are making sure that today’s on-demand, SaaS, and cloud infrastructure companies are stable and robust enough to propel us into a completely new computing universe.


Congratulations to this year’s Power Players in the Cloud winners. As the top venture capital-backed on-demand companies continue to bring new, innovative products and services to the world, they’re backed by the people from this list. These powerful individuals are bringing a new generation of innovation to the technology marketplace and the Global Silicon Valley, helping people connect with the products, services, and ideas that they need to enhance their lives.


Many of the winners of this competition will be featured at:


OnDemand 2013
Where the Internet Meets the Enterprise
May 20th – 21st, 2013
HP Executive Briefing Center
3000 Hanover St. Building 20
Palo Alto, CA


Contact Shannon Calvin (, 954.663.2086), Nikki Nemer (, 858.220.9159), or Paul Hamadeh (, 415.269.3738) for details on how your company can participate.


For more information on group rates or to make reservations by phone, please contact the AlwaysOn Concierge, John Schwartz, at 310.721.9451 or by e-mail at

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