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3 Best Stretches for Golfers

golf stretch

Austin Martinez and the Director of Education for StretchLab, describes 3 stretches that all golfers can benefit from to help increase their flexibility and improve their performance.

With golf courses reopening across the country, many people will be returning to the green, whether it’s because they were regulars before the pandemic or because they’re simply looking for a fresh way to hang out with others while still socially distanced.Golfing requires both mobility and power which places adequate strain on the body, especially for newbies and specifically on muscles that aid in rotation and stabilization throughout the core. You will find that golfers tend to have inflexibility throughout the back, hips and upper chest areas. This is why professional golfers like Peter Jacobsen (PGA) visit stretching studios like StretchLab every week


1)      Chest Stretch– Focusing on the pectoralis muscle group is important for golfers. While maintaining form throughout their swing as well as the rotational aspect of the game. If you are stretching yourself, the “bent arm wall stretch” is great. Position yourself up against the 90 degree angle of the door or a wall, place your forearm parallel to this and lean forward to open up the chest. When working with trained Flexologist they will be able to target this area with a few of our stretches (see below)


2)      Latissimus Dorsi Muscle– The lats are a very functional muscle, as they attach at the lower back and also up into the shoulder. This muscle is often overused during golf because it aids in thoracic rotation. It is important in both the back-swing and follow through phases of the golf swing. Increasing flexibility in this muscle will allow for greater rotation during swinging, which can increase power and torque during your swing. “Child’s pose” is great to open up the lats along the side of your torso. Here are a few ways that a trained Flexologist can help you.


3)      Obliques and Quadratus Lumborum- If you golf there is one inevitable thing that will occur after you finish a round of 18… lower back tightness. Here are a few stretches from a trained Flexologist that can get you back on track.




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