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The presentation of the upcoming “Quintana: Box Story,” a 3D animated movie, lasting for dozens of seconds, tempts the appetite of the audience with its gorgeous and magnificent animation. According to reports, this is the first time a 3D animated movie in China made use of cloud computing for visual rendering effects.

More and more e-mails, web search, e-commence, instant messaging (IM), and location-based service (LBS) are applying cloud computing. 

Ever since 2012, the domestic cloud computing industry in China has transformed from the cultivation period to the quasi-mature period, and cloud computing is marching into ordinary people’s lives.

“We spent merely three months in fulfilling the complicated rendering of ‘Quintana: Box Story,’ which benefits from the application of 6,700 sets of AliCloud distributed high-performance computer clusters,”, said Wang Jian, President of Alibaba Cloud Computing, who added that the application of cloud rendering has completely smashed the bottleneck encountered by domestic 3D animated movies and dramatically enhanced the benefits and efficiency.

It is reported that more and more enterprises are engaged in cloud computing’s R&D, manufacturing, integration, and services; as a result, an industrial chain of cloud computing is gradually taking shape. 

On the other hand, its technical reserve is continuously making breakthroughs and cloud applications are stepping into the period of being adopted on a large scale.

“Cloud” has not only altered traditional production modes, but also brought new industrial opportunities. 

Wang Jian once said that “the accumulated calculation amount of ‘Quintana: Box Story’ has exceeded 10 million CPU core hours. If, in accordance with past practice, animation producers had to purchase servers and build rendering platforms by themselves, it would have taken at least three years for completion. However, by using of cloud rendering, more than 90 percent of the cost was eliminated.” 

Thanks to cloud computing, rendering of more movies like “Quintana: Box Story” will be possible.

Cloud computing motivates the reform of the production mode, brings chances for the development of numerous small and mid-sized information service enterprises, and amplifies business opportunities for more individual and enterprise developers.

Cloud computing services, which can be utilized the same way as electricity, along with its convenient access, turn many prior “impossibilities” into “possibilities.” It can be concluded that the industry has poured more expectations into cloud clouding.

Cloud computing is entering the phase of blooming everywhere. During the Fifth China Cloud Computing Conference (CCCC), the reporter discovered a brand-new IT service. By connecting a box as big as palm into any terminal, users are able to intelligently interact with all data centers at the cloud terminal. There is no need to carry heavy computers wherever you travel, and what users need is only this “cloud box” so as to remotely login the office systems and conduct telecommuting. Read more here: http://en.ce.cn/Insight/201307/19/t20130719_24589824.shtml

Audible Magic Launches AdMagic Suite Targeting Interactive TV Advertising Market


Audible Magic, the leading innovator in automated content recognition (ACR) technology for “smart” consumer electronics (CE) and other applications, today introduced a major first for the CE industry: automated detection of television advertising content which enables marketers to identify ads viewers actually watch, link them to additional advertising efforts such as promotions or special offers, and alert targeted consumers to these promotions or offers–all in real-time. The new service–part of the company’s new “AdMagic” solutions suite–is key to delivering on the highly valued promise of interactive TV advertising.

Similar to databases Audible Magic has compiled for years to identify music and TV/movie entertainment content, this new database–which now includes more than 25,000 current TV commercials and show promotions–will be integrated into various CE devices and applications necessary to deliver a true and pervasive interactive TV experience. These include both first-screen devices such as TV consoles and set-top boxes and second-screen devices such as smart phones and tablets.


Unique to this highly scalable solution is that it detects TV commercials and show promotions across a wide range of TV delivery systems such as linear TV, over-the-top (OTT) video streaming, or video-on-demand (VoD) services. This means, of course, that it will also work whenever a viewer is watching a TV commercial, whether the ad is being broadcast live or whether it has been time-shifted by minutes, hours or even by days. Detection is very fast and the solution highly scalable. The AdMagic Suite is compatible with the company’s newest technology, SmartID Video, the company’s new video fingerprinting technology in addition to its existing SmartID Audio Fingerprinting technology.


“We are on the verge of very big changes for TV advertising,” said Jay Friedman, Audible Magic’s VP of Marketing. “Making it all work has been very complicated–not only technologically but more importantly in balancing the interests of advertisers, media companies, app developers and CE device manufacturers. But now it is really happening.”


On June 25 and 26, the new video ACR technology will be available for demo at the Audible Magic table at the seventh annual TV of Tomorrow Show, which will be held once again at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Customers interested in testing the new video fingerprint solutions should contact the company at info@audiblemagic.com.


About Audible Magic

Audible Magic® is the trusted leader in digital fingerprinting for recognizing content in all forms across radio and television broadcasts, Internet streams, cable and satellite transmissions, stored digital files, and on consumer devices such as smart TVs, set-top boxes, smart phones, tablets, and other appliances. Since its founding in 1999, the company has been awarded more than 20 patents in the U.S. and in Europe. Currently, Audible Magic works with more than 200 customers and partners, including A+E, CBS, CBC, Dailymotion, Discovery Communications, Ensequence, Facebook, FOX, Metacafe, MySpace, NBC, SlingMedia, Sony, Soundcloud, TVplus, Univision, Universal Music, Verizon, Viacom, WatchWith and Warner Music.

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