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Daily Life / February 3, 2017

Great news, Palm Springs, long known as a mecca for modernist architecture, will be home to two new modernist residences opening to the public during Palm Springs Modernism Week 2017. The Miele Chino Canyon Project presented by Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating and produced by Palm Springs Life and Better Built Inc., called on local contemporary architect Lance O’Donnell to create two iconic houses that present the principles of modernism with a fresh spin. One of the projects, the 02 House, was O’Donnell’s original design and the other was based on never- before-built original plans from Arizona modernist Al Beadle. Both will feature notable art and furnishings as well as building principles that are sensitive to the environment of the desert.

While Palm Springs has an unrivaled trove of 20th century desert modernist structures, famed Arizona modernist Al Beadle was never able to realize a project in the area, until now. Beadle, who passed away in 1998, was known for translating the glass and steel lines of modernism into more relaxed forms that referred to and complemented their desert locations. O’Donnell worked closely with the Beadle Archives and some of the late architect’s closest collaborators to complete a previously unrealized house that Beadle designed for Paradise Valley, Arizona in the 1970s.

Resurrecting the house brings Beadle’s brilliant work more closely into view and adds his name to the list of luminary modernist architects that are part of the Palm Springs landscape.

The Beadle House features a smaller first level topped by an expansive second level that cantilevers 14 feet out in each direction. The house, which is sited within the Desert Palisades development in the Chino Cone area of Palm Springs at the base of San Jacinto Mountains, is a hallmark of Beadle’s work, a refined modern form artfully nestled into the rugged desert terrain. During Modernism Week, the midcentury style of the Beadle House will be elevated further with interiors that feature 20th century furnishings from the personal collection of collector and gallerist Peter Blake.

In conjunction with this new project, architect Lance O’Donnell has also recently completed a stunning contemporary project of his own design, the 02 House, located within walking distance from the Al Beadle House. O’Donnell, a Palm Springs native, is known for the sustainable approach he takes to contemporary architecture. For this project, O’Donnell combines the best in contemporary architecture with the principles of Palm Springs modernism. Like Al Beadle before him, O’Donnell has skillfully crafted the house to exist amongst the terrain and weather of the desert, providing residents with a naturally ventilated space and spectacular views of the Coachella Valley, and preserving the natural features of the landscape. The O2 House will also feature an array of blue-chip artwork from contemporary artists such as John Baldessari, Ed Ruscha, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jenny Holzer.

During the annual Palm Springs Modernism Week from February 16-26, visitors will have the opportunity to tour both homes with tours offered daily from 9:30-4:30. These two homes give visitors a opportunity to see firsthand the connection between midcentury desert modernism and the architecture of today. Both homes were constructed by Better Built Inc.

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