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Limited edition Sweet Pringles are the ultimate guilty pleasure this Christmas

New flavours

Now Pringles has created two new weird and wonderful Christmas flavours that is getting the UK’s taste buds talking this festive season, with the limited edition flavours in store now until the end of December.

The two unconventional flavours are raising the nation’s eyebrows across the country:

Sweet Cinnamon – The warm cinnamon flavour coats every crisp, delivering the sweet and spicy feeling of the festive season in every bite

Mint Choc – The classic holiday blend of cool peppermint and a smooth chocolate flavour delivers a unique crisp combination

The weird and wonderful must-have item for any festive party this Christmas, sweet Pringles are the party snack that will really get tongues wagging. So why not make sure your party has the perfect conversation starter and facilitate the fun.

Feeling brave? Why not take the combinations even further? These cheeky suggestions for the super-adventurous will really take your taste buds on a flavour-filled adventure:


1.Pringles Sweet Cinnamon buttie: A sweet and tasty twist to one of the nations’ savoury favourites

2.Pringles Mint Choc in vanilla ice cream: The decadence of the ice cream and the crispy texture of the Pringles combine for a luxurious dessert

3.Pringles Sweet Cinnamon and guacamole: You won’t be able to go back to regular chips and dips after indulging in this mash-up

4.Pringles Mint Choc topped over apple pie: The sweet mint choc flavour elevates the classic dessert to a new level of deliciousness

5.Pringles Sweet Cinnamon and Greek yoghurt: The light flavour of the yoghurt compliments the aromatic cinnamon flavour of the Pringles


Sweeten up the season and spread holiday cheer wherever you go with the simple pop of a PRINGLES crisp top. Mint Choc and Sweet Cinnamon Pringles crisps are now available with a RRP of £2.49 for 190g and will be on special offer in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons throughout the festive season.


Cuca Fresca, The Premium Cachaça From Brazil, is dedicated to humanitarian and environmental causes

Cuca Fresca, the premium cachaça from Brazil, is dedicated to humanitarian and environmental causes and has become a mainstay on the national philanthropic scene through their support of organizations such as The Rainforest Foundation, Global Green, charity: water, and Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s Riverkeeper Foundation.



Cuca Fresca (cucafrescaspirit.com) is a handcrafted premium cachaça made with organic sugar cane using single-batch artisanal production methods overseen by the fourth generation of a Brazilian family that has been producing cachaça for local consumption for decades. Cuca Fresca made its debut in the American market in 2007 and has already established itself at the top of the category, winning a Double Gold Medal at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and being named the best unaged and aged cachaças by the Beverage Testing Institute. Link into their world at http://www.cucafrescaspirit.com/


Introducing Chef Mauro Colagreco and Mirazur Restaurant

If a chef is judged by the strength of his customer reviews, then Mauro Colagreco, Chef Patron at Mirazur in Menton on the Cote D’Azur, is one of the best in the world. Understandably so, as his particular customers are some of the greatest culinary critics, chefs and lovers of gastronomy who regularly travel to his sun drenched restaurant in a yearly pilgrimage.

Just 35 years old and only just over ten years into his career, Colagreco has already garnered a worldwide following for his simplistic yet creative approach to local, seasonal cuisine. Mauro Colagreco’s cuisine defies categorisation. His dishes embrace the surroundings in a unique and all-encompassing way. Mauro’s skill lies in his sensitive balance of taste and flavour, allowing each magnificent ingredient its place. Indeed his attention to detail even considers the effects of the air in the restaurant. Guests of Mirazur dine al fresco in an open dining room, surrounded by the gentle salt kissed breezes from the sea below and Mauro balances his flavours accordingly. Mauro Colagreco brings a living energy to the plate that just simply makes you feel better for having eaten his food.

The menu at Mirazur offers a selection of dishes that define the warmth, the aroma and the purity of the South of France. A champion of local, sustainable ingredients, his menu communicates a strong sense of place. The extensive variety of seasonal vegetables from his garden is complemented by a repertoire of over 250 local herbs and flowers, which form the foundation of so many of his dishes. If one had to explain the colour green for the first time, it would be defined in the tastes and flavours of his cuisine. – Report By Charlie Feline

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