Britney Spears lights up the red carpet in de GRISOGONO jewels. She wears One-of-a- kind high jewellery earrings in white gold set with heart shaped sapphire blue and yellow set with black diamonds. The beauty of de GRISOGONO’s jewellery is not only on the visible side. Gruosi was the first to notice that a pair of earrings could be just as visible on the hidden side when a woman wears her hair up, for example. And even when the concealed side of a jewel remains out of sight, this extra attention to detail is something that de GRISOGONO’s clients adore because it is pure luxury, just for them.

Imagine a creative process where there are no limits, no instructions, no themes to follow, nor colours to adopt— just total freedom to let the imagination run free. This is the heart of de GRISOGONO design, where the beauty of each creation takes precedence over any pre-defined boundaries.

Black Galuchat Bracelet in white gold with diamonds de GRISOGONO earrings Earrings in white gold with blue and yellow sapphires and black diamonds Boule ring in white gold with diamonds


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