A Lot To Say, Inc. Opens First Female Owned, Eco Manufacturing Facility in California

Health / News / Style / October 4, 2012

When co-founders, Alison Power and Jennifer Banmiller created A Lot To Say, Inc., their loftiest goal was to implement truly revolutionary green technology that could be utilized on modern products from tees to yoga mats to dog collars.  To add to that, they also wanted to create consciousness raising messaging that would activate people into creating change, via word, thought and action.

This socio-eco brand sought out and honed the greenest manufacturing that existed and then pushed the boundaries of how those applications had ever been used, creating inspired apparel and accessories that were made from 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles and a revolutionary No Water Dye Process.  Just one of their soft, luxurious tees takes 60 bottles out of landfill and saves over 700 gallons of fresh water in the making.

As well received as their products became, the ladies became increasingly aware that to seriously realize their desire to make these vital, adorable products accessible, affordable and even more greatly distributable, they would not only have to think bigger, but greener as well.

They would have to garner their independence from outside manufacturers that were having a harder and harder time keeping up with the range, timing & fulfillment needs that were needed to propel the brand forward. In other words, they had to take matters into their own manufacturing hands.

Hence, A Lot To Say, Inc.  Manufacturing was born.  The only female owned, eco manufacturing facility in California, this ultra modern, completely sustainable facility now does every aspect of production soup to nuts:  from creating and designing to cutting, sewing, printing, manufacturing and shipping.

It employs state of the art equipment that partners with their state of the art technology, not only allowing them to create & refine more apparel & accessory products, but to enter into other arenas where traditional formats are huge environmental offenders.

This facility now has the ability to sustainably create all POP materials, fabric banners in lieu of traditional and highly toxic vinyl and foam core variations, promotional items such as backdrops, step and repeats, event signage, table cover, drapes, flags, canopies and the list goes on.

This move also allows the company to have ultimate control, which in turn substantially decreases costs, honors quick turn around and delivery times while providing the flexibility to manufacture in small or large quantities to both retailers and corporations alike.  – Power News Team

Located in Southern California, this evolution also serves a different mission.  It continues to keep jobs in the United States, abide by fair trade and fair labor laws and allows them to remain steadfast in reducing their carbon footprint.


A Lot To Say, Inc. is a California-based socio-eco lifestyle brand founded by sisters, Alison Stanich Powers and Jennifer Stanich Banmiller in 2009. With a business model based on embedded generosity and an innate passion for social and environmental consciousness, this design-duo has created a brand of sophisticated items that serve the greater good.

All A Lot To Say, Inc. products are made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled Plastic Bottles and created with a revolutionary No Water Dye Process. Just one tee takes over 60 bottles out of landfill and saves 700 gallons of fresh water from going to waste. As a result of this innovative technology, A Lot To Say, Inc. items are 100% toxic-free, wearing 6 times longer than cotton/organic cotton, have a high ability to wick away water and are ergonomically 80% more energy efficient. All products from the line are made 100% in the USA.

A Lot To Say, Inc. also gives back a very generous portion of proceeds to several like-minded organizations & partnerships including: Stand Up To Cancer, Heal the Bay, Animal Rescue Foundation, Global Green and The International Green Energy Council.

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